NYC/Julie Brannan videos 2021

I was fortunate enough in February to work with videographer Mikey Pozarik and with Compass to create two videos that express my ethos as a real estate agent. The first one (see it here) features a quote by E.B. White, and reflects my love for New York City as someone who was born elsewhere but has chosen to live and work in the city. I hope every day that I am able to bring my passion to this city I love. The second one (see it here) is more of a manifesto. The quote is attributed to Steve Jobs, and I am drawn to the work ethic it expresses. I truly enjoyed making these videos – the locations were all areas of the city I have a particular relationship with, and selecting and recording the quotes was also a process I found artistically and creatively challenging in a very positive way. Even the process of deciding how to go about making these videos helped me think about and crystallize who I am in my role as a real estate agent. My thanks to Mikey and to Compass for helping these projects come to life.

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