The new Penn Station

OK, who has had to take a train out of Penn Station? Now, who liked being in Penn Station? I don’t need to be able to see you to know that the answer to the second question is NO ONE. However, NYC has converted the old midtown post office building (once the only place you could mail your tax return late on April 15th to get the correct postmark before midnight!) into a magnificent new Penn Station. Enter on Eighth Avenue between 31th and 33rd Streets, and find yourself in a modern yet classic new station for LIRR and Amtrak trains (sorry, New Jersey Transit – you are still in the old Penn Station).

The station reminds me of the Upper East Side Q subway stations in the modern feel, wide passageways, and clean design. Then when you get to the main hall, it is airy, light and inviting.

Well done, NYC. And with the announcements recently of the High Line being extended to meet this train station, as well as the removal of the ugly tow lot on Pier 76 (at 40th Street) for the development of an additional park along the Hudson as well as the opening this year of the floating island park (yes, you read that correctly) called Little Island at Pier 55, the improvement of the far west side continues promisingly. I just wrote last year about the new eco-park at Pier 26. Investors take note: between Hudson Yards and the continual development of the Hudson River Park all the way along the river, this area will become more and more attractive to people looking to live in this once-barren area. I am a regular user of the dedicated bike lane from the upper 50’s to Battery Park, and am watching the area change before my eyes. New York City is always changing, and it’s wonderful when it becomes more beautiful and functional as it does.

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